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Our participation

The Partnership works together to bring together the curriculum areas of The Arts and Sport to create a programme which will develop teaching and learning and in turn thus achievement across all the schools involved and in turn across the whole of each individual school. The schools come from the countries o Poland, Spain,and the UK.


William Morris School is a school for 11-19 year olds with Special Needs. Thera are about 139 students in the school. The Special Needs reflect a huge range in students from those whom have Profound and Multiple Difficulties who for example need changing and feeding through to those who are unable to cope in a mainstream environment and need the more appropriate setting and curriculum that our school provides. Dealing with behavioural issues is also by association with the learning difficulties part of our work as a number of students have low self esteem and often much emotional baggage to unpack. In terms of the local community William Morris is in a relatively deprived area in the east end of London and at William Morris we see it as one of our goals to therefore strive to give our students as many different learning opportunities as we possibly can of which Comenius within the International Dimension would be an exciting and dynamic new one.


The I.E.S.O.Valle del Henares of Jadraque is located in a rural area of the province of Guadalajara, near Madrid. This is a very new school. It operates as an independent school from 2003-2004, and it previously depended on the IES Martin Vazquez de Arce of Sigüenza. The school is comprehensive but doesn’t offer A-levels. It has about 160 students from 12 to 16 years old. Students come from different villages of up to fifty kilometres around, and for some of them it takes a long time to arrive at the school. The school has a high percentage of immigrant students coming mainly from Romania, Morocco. and Latin America so the school promotes the integration and the fight against racism and xenophobia. Now we have two SEN students, both of them with a low IQ and severe learning problems. The school thinks the Comenius project will be an important opportunity to learn about different cultures and an encouragement for students to improve their skills in music,physical education, ICT and English.


Zespol Nr 4 Gimnazjum i Szkoły Podstawowej w Malochwieju Duzym is a school for students age 6-15. We are situated in a typical, undercapitalised rural area in the South – East of Poland.Most of the students’ parents are farmers or workers who work on their small farms or in the local factories. In our school we have also students who are left by their parents or whose parents emigrated to other EU countries looking for a better job. Due to the drawbacks which are mentioned above Zespol Nr 4 Gimnazjum i Szkoly Podstawowej w Malochwieju Duzym decided to take part in the Comenius project. We are convinced that the additional activities which include art and sport together will boost our student’s motivation for their self improvement, contribute to understanding other cultures as well as facilitate personal contacts between young people.

The partnership will cover a range of subjects both directly related to activities and to the wider learning experience: The Arts: Music, Dance, Drama; PE; ICT; Different languages including English; Maths Religious Education; Geography, History; Personal Health Social Education and Citizenship . Pupils and staff to gain new insights, understanding and meaning to the term Multi-cultural and also learn more likewise about different religions which will help educate against religious xenophobia. The programme is expected to be finished by the end of June 2012.



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